Appling County's Leadership Program, Appling Leads

What is Leadership?

It is an age old question and is often hard to define. Is leadership being an elected official? a business owner? the president of a civic group? the decision-maker in a family? You guessed right! All of the above. Being a community leader is about knowing what is going on in your community and also being a part of the movement forward. 

Great leaders operate at a high level of community awareness. They know what their community assets are, what challenges they face and are willing to be involved with solutions. Great leaders also have a set of skills, some that are learned over a long history of experience and some that are taught. That is where Appling Leads comes in. This leadership class provides community members an opportunity to be part of something greater than just themselves. They will learn the ins and outs of our community, see some of our great assets and discuss ways to overcome our challenges. 

We are looking for YOU! Join the movement and apply for the only adult leadership class for Appling County. We are looking for people of all ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds and experience to join together for the betterment of our community. 


         Join the Movement.... Be a Leader

Appling Leads is a leadership-training program for business, civic and community leaders with the desire and potential to work together for a better Appling County and a more competitive Georgia. Its primary purpose is to identify, train, and inspire a network of emerging leaders, across all ages, races, business sectors and backgrounds. Through an engaging education process, this 9 month program will empower local citizens to get involved in the future of our community. You, as a business owner, are positioned perfectly to be a pivotal player in the development of leaders for the future. 

 Why we need leadership...

  • The business community relies on leadership.
  • Identify and equip the community with leaders for the future.
  • As a community grows, business grows.
  • Investing in employees will grow your business.
  • Engage and empower people to make a difference.
  • The future of Appling County depends on local leaders.

Have questions? Give us a call... 912-367-7731

We will talk you into it!

2017 Graduates

Pam Williams
      Appling Co. High School

Carrie  Vanderver
     Heart of GA Altamaha RC

Kevin Peacock
     Satilla REMC

Steve Meguiar
     First United Methodist Church

Greg Hudgins
     Georgia Power

Mallory Harvey
      MH Farms

Brenda Harris
     Temple of the Higher Calling

Danita Hayes
     Southern Metal Works

Santina Fryer
     Gents & Glam

Vicky Escalante
     Johnson & Floyd Law Office

Ray Dixon
     Fulghum Drugs

Samantha Craven
     Community Bank of Georgia

Christy Brocato
     Appling Healthcare System


2017-2018 Sites

Port of Savannah

Appling County High School

Georgia State Capitol

Forest Processing Plant

Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant

Appling Health Care System

Coastal Pines Technical College

Leadership Curriculum

Strengths Finder Assessment

Communication Style Inventory

Team Building & Collaboration

Building Local Profiles

Civic Involvement

Multigenerational Strategies

Group Decision Making

Regional Impacts